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''40 Bands 80 Minutes!'' is a rockumentary movie directed by Sean Carnage about the Los Angeles underground music scene in 2006. In the style of ''Urgh! A Music War'', ''40 Bands 80 Minutes!'' is a series of punk and experimental musical performances and performance art pieces, with minimal narration. ''40 Bands 80 Minutes!'' was conceived as a way to systematically document the music of the entire L.A. underground music scene. All of the performances in ''40 Bands 80 Minutes!'' were filmed on March 6, 2006 at all-ages performance space Il Corral in Hollywood, CA. The young performers were required to play for less than two minutes, with no re-takes. The results were captured with four digital video cameras and a professional sound crew. Over 52 new bands were filmed. Forty performances are contained in the ''40 Bands 80 Minutes!'' feature documentary.

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marked by excited activity; "a hot week on the stock market"

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