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Mekitsa (also transliterated as ''mekica'' or ''mekitza''; plural ''mekitsi'', ''mekici'', ''mekitzi'') is a traditional Bulgarian dish made of kneaded dough. Mekitsa is conventionally a breakfast dish and is inherently similar to Hungarian lángos. After the dough rises, it is torn into small balls, spread into circles and fried in fat. In some recipes, yeast, bread soda, milk or yoghurt might be used. A recipe from Silistra involves yoghurt and bread soda, one from a village near Stara Zagora uses yeast and yoghurt, and a recipe from Aytos suggests yeast and milk. It is recommended that the shaping of mekitsi before their frying be done with wet hands. When served, mekitsa is often powdered with sugar or garnished with jam or sirene (white cheese).

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