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Sunny Leone (born Karen Malhotra on May 13, 1981) is an Indo-Canadian pornographic actress and model. In addition to being a former ''Penthouse'' Pet of the Year, she is also a successful businesswoman and has played roles in independent mainstream films and T.V shows. Karen Malhotra was born in Sarnia, Ontario to Indian parents and was raised a Sikh. Her father was born in Tibet and raised in Delhi, while her mother (who passed away in 2008) was from a small town called Nahan in Himachal Pradesh although both of Punjabi origin. As a young girl, she was very athletic and played street hockey with the boys, enjoyed ice skating on a nearby frozen lake and drinking hot chocolate in front of a fire after playing in the snow all day. Her parents enrolled her in a Catholic School, When she was 15, her family received their green card before finally settling down in Orange County, California fulfilling a dream of her grandparents that all of them be together in one place. She graduated from high school in 1999 and p

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completely unclothed; "bare bodies"; "naked from the waist up"; "a nude model"

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