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Inwood is the northernmost neighborhood on Manhattan Island in the New York City borough of Manhattan. Inwood is physically bounded by the Harlem River to the north and east, and the Hudson River to the west. It extends southward to Fort Tryon Park and alternatively Dyckman Street or Fairview Avenue further south, depending on the source. Inwood is almost entirely defined by the 10034 postal ZIP code (One block of Broadway/Vermilyea/Dyckman/Academy falls within the Fort George 10040 code). Notably, while Inwood is the northernmost neighborhood on the ''island'' of Manhattan, it is not the northernmost neighborhood of the entire ''borough'' of Manhattan. That distinction is held by Marble Hill, a Manhattan neighborhood situated directly to the north of the island of Manhattan on the North American mainland. It was isolated from the rest of Manhattan only in the 20th century when the route of the Harlem River was altered by the Harlem River Ship Canal.

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