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Bucaramanga is a municipality and the capital city of the department of Santander, Colombia. Bucaramanga has the fifth largest city economy and sixth population in Colombia, with 1,212,657 people in its metropolitan area. Bucaramanga has over 160 parks scattered throughout the city and has been given the nicknames "La Ciudad de Los Parques" "City of Parks" and "La Ciudad Bonita de Colombia" "Colombia's Beautiful City". It is internationally recognized for its parks. Bucaramanga has grown rapidly since the 1960s, mostly in neighboring locations within the metropolitan area. Floridablanca, Girón and Piedecuesta are inextricably linked geographically and commercially with Bucaramanga, forming a large metropolitan city. Local manufacturing, especially of textiles and shoes, has struggled in the face of legal and contraband imports in recent decades.

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not on target; "the kick was wide"; "the arrow was wide of the mark"; "a claim that was wide of the truth"


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